Terminology Management

Our clients expect the correct technical terms and concepts to be used in all foreign languages. Company-specific terminology and technical terms often have to be used, which our translators can only translate into the respective language in co-operation with the client.

Active terminology management with products, technical terms and innovations is therefore an important part of the translation process.

Building and maintaining terminology

In co-operation with our clients, we create databases, glossaries and terminology lists which help to focus the expertise of our company.

company-specific dictionary or glossary is an indispensable aid for all departments – from development to marketing to sales. It is a distinct added bonus for external service providers and clients too.

Terminology extraction

We support our clients with the extraction of terminology from existing documents with our specialist knowledge, experience and technical capabilities. With large, regular and long-term projects or framework agreements, this can lead to improved terminological consistency.

Consistent translations

Using state of the art translation technology such as translation memory and terminology management systems, we can ensure an optimised translation process, including maximum consistency of the terminology used.